Board of Directors

July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020




Arlene Weinstock

Arlene Weinstock


1st Vice President – Exhibitions

Diane Karpel

Diane Karpel


Co 2nd Vice President – Programs

Zony Gordon

Zony Gordon





Co 2nd Vice President – Programs

Co 2nd Vice President - Programs

Suzanne Etienne


Susan Price, Treasurer

Susan Price

Recording Secretary

Betzi Stein

Betzi Stein


Membership Co-chair

Judy Heimlich, Membership Co-chair

Judy Heimlich


Membership Co-chair

Mardi Georgio

Corresponding Secretary

Corresponding Secretary Carol Kay

Carol Kay

Administration and Committee Chairs

Suzanne Edmonson

Suzanne Edmonson – Communications Chair

Brenda Anderson

Brenda Anderson – Historian

Joan Baral

Joan Baral – Lunch Reservations

Elizabeth Tucker, Recording Secretary

Elizabeth Tucker – Member at Large

President, Susan Gesundheit

Susan Gesundheit – President Emerata

Jeanne Iler

Jeanne Iler – Special Events Co-Chair

Idelle Tyzbir

Idelle Tyzbir – Special Events Co-Chair

Annie Clavel

Annie Clavel – Admin Directory, Database, and E-blasts

Nancy Goodman Lawrence

Nancy Goodman Lawrence – Scholarship Chair, and Members’ News Editor

Volunteer Coordinator - Michaela Hughes

Volunteer Coordinator – Michaela Hughes

Exhibitions - Ellen Glick

Exhibitions – Ellen Glick

Exhibitions - Ellen Levine

Exhibitions – Ellen Levine

Lunch Manager: Kate MacMahon

Lunch Manager: Kate MacMahon

Administration and Committee Chairs
not pictured

Newsletter Editor: Patti Ogden
Parliamentarian: January Garabedian

Website: Arlene Weinstock (acting)


Spring 2021
Jury Date TBD

Nancy Goodman Lawrence – Chairperson
Loraine Veeck – juror
Peggy Charboneau – juror
Suzanne Budd – juror
Terry Romero Paul – juror
Brenda Stone – 1st alternate
Sylvia Hamilton – 2nd alternate


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