Exhibition Requirements

Each exhibition may have rules specific to the exhibition venue. Read the exhibition prospectus for specific requirements.

Standing Rules for Exhibitions (from the Bylaws)


The following rules will apply for each exhibit or as dictated by the venue:

1. Any member whose dues are not currently paid cannot exhibit.
2. WPW and exhibiting venues will not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred to the artworks of any member. Members shall sign a release when submitting work for exhibition.
3. WPW will not be responsible for any physical injury to individuals.
4. “New artwork” is construed to mean any artwork not previously shown with WPW. Artwork not previously accepted into a WPW exhibition may be resubmitted for any future WPW exhibition.
5. Entry cards must be properly filled out and affixed to the work as directed.
6 Artwork that is inadequately framed or wired will be rejected by the Exhibition Committee.
7. Artwork that needs protection should be under Plexiglas. Gallery permitting, glass may be used on work measuring no more than 18” x 24” (432 sq. inches). Pastels may be under glass, whatever the size.
8. Artwork must be wired for hanging with ends of wire taped. Sawtooth hangers are permissible for work measuring less than 14” in any direction.
9. Artworks on canvas do not have to be framed. Edges should be finished in a manner appropriate to the artwork.
10. Other methods of “hanging” art: such as binder clips, grommets, etc. that are acceptable to the exhibition space, may be approved by the Exhibits Committee, and/or venue.
11. Computer-generated art is acceptable. Reprints of original pieces (i.e. Giclées) are unacceptable unless reworked by hand.
12. Diptychs, triptychs and 4-part artworks are acceptable if they:
  • Work as a unit
  • Fit within the size restrictions listed on the prospectus
  • Are submitted with specific hanging instructions
  • If available for sale, must be sold as one piece
  • If accepted in a WPW exhibition, none of the parts are eligible as entries in future WPW exhibitions.
13. An outside Juror will be approved by the Board for each show. It will be the responsibility of the juror to choose all artworks for the exhibit and to select the award winners. The decision of the Juror is final.
14. Quality in the exhibit shall be the first concern of the Juror. The Juror shall consider all schools of art to ensure a well¬‐rounded exhibit.
15. It is the intention of WPW to include as many members’ work as possible in each exhibit. However, it will be the outside Juror’s decision as to what artworks will be included. The Juror is free to choose from any given artist more than one artwork, up to a maximum determined by the Exhibits Committee for each exhibition.
16. No person may receive more than one award, either cash or honorable mention, in any one show. A maximum of three (3) honorable mention awards will be selected by the Juror in any one show, unless otherwise specified by the Board.
17. It is the responsibility of all members who are selected for shows to volunteer as needed: Examples include: sitting the gallery, “take in”, “return”, set up of opening reception, providing food and beverages for opening reception, reception clean up.
18. Agreement to participate in a show means the artwork remains in the show for the duration of the show.
19. Only wall‐hung entrees are accepted for jurying. Freestanding artwork may be allowed on a show-by-show basis, at the discretion of the Exhibits Committee.
20. The artist agrees to reproduction of exhibited artwork for publicity and documentation purposes.
21. It is the responsibility of the member to deliver and pick up their work at the time and dates specified in the prospectus or to make other arrangements.


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