The Beauty of Everyday Things

An Online Exhibition

Award Winners

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Comments on the exhibition by the Juror, Genie Davis:

From vividly beautiful abstracts to fresh, smart evocations of nature, the exhibition includes a wide range of work. In general, I was drawn to qualities of light and color, as well as a fresh take on traditional scenes or tropes in submitted pieces. There are lush, jewel-like water images; sharp, hyper-realistic portraits; and still life images that I chose because of their imaginative or reimagined portrayal of simple fruits or vegetables. Forests, seascapes, and images of home are present, as are floral images from realistic to impressionistic renderings. Overall, my chosen selections each offer a new way of looking at a scene or subject that was affecting and moving. Chosen out of 148 works submitted, each of these 70 pieces reveals something fresh, resonant, or compelling about our wonderful everyday world.
Comments on the award winners:

  • First Place  Award to Arlene WeinstockThis work combines a perfect use of medium with the evocative and mysterious. The artist is truly a master of technique and mood.
  • Second Place  Award to Kuniko Ruch I wish I could’ve tied these two prizes. This piece again shows wonderful technique; the sky is perfect, the ironic use of images, the gritty but still beautiful city scene – a very tough choice between first and second place.
  • Third Place  Award to  January GarabedianThe artist employs a dazzling use of light as well as a giftedly fresh view of a trope (sunset) that has been done many times.
  • Honorable Mention to Jeni Bate A seminal work, and a tough call as to leaving this piece out of the first-second-third places. It’s a stunning work in terms of size, scope, light, using a fresh technique of mosaic-like squares. It’s a standout.
  • Honorable Mention to Patricia Richards Dodds This painting is simply lovely, and the use of shadows elevates the work and gives it a quiet and resonant beauty. The sense of motion in the waves is also very special.
  • Honorable Mention to Pam DouglasThis work is meditative, immersive, with the rain falling resemblings lines of streaming code. It’s a special, deeply evocative piece and a type of work I hope the artist will continue, both poetic and haunting.


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