Raising Our Brushes

Opening October 22, 2023.

“Raising Our Brushes” is online and live at The Yuma Art Center, in Yuma, AZ.

Award Winners

David S. Rubin
Independent Curator, Writer, Artist

Juror’s Statement
In my recent critical writings, I have tried to focus on how an artist succeeds at engaging a viewer. In that vein, I am always looking for art that has a fresh and unfamiliar edge, and which provides an element of surprise or discovery. Other qualities that influenced my decisions have to do with how a composition is constructed. Is it dynamic enough to pull us in? Does the work strike an emotional chord? Is it lyrical or poetic? All of these characteristics can be found in the works that I have recognized with awards, as well as in many others. Whether abstract or figurative, a painting excels when it stimulates our minds, hearts, or both in a meaningful way.

Award Winners
1st Place: J Burton White – Passing Down The Love
2nd Place: Nancy Rossi – Skateboarder
3rd Place: Jeni Bate -Love Rain

Honorable Mentions
Melissa Elliott – Astonishment
Lynda Frautnick – Imagine
Nancy Goodman Lawrence – The Shape Of Things

Raising Our Brushes Images


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